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A microwave is a compact, box-shaped oven that increases food’s heat by exposing it to a magnetic wave with particular intensity. Several people turn to their microwaves for heating meals to be used as gas stove top ovens. But if you only employ your microwave to warm your meals, you’re not making the most benefit from it. Additionally, you’re skipping out on practical and essential household appliances if you don’t have a microwave oven.

What applications are there for a microwave oven?

Food cooks faster in the microwave than in a normal oven. And the power used to heat the meal, not the oven cavity, can result in a more power-efficient cooking process. The nutritional value of food is not diminished by microwave heating any more than by traditional cooking. Here are some of the top uses of the best microwave oven:

  • Cooking:

    Microwave ovens may be used to make a range of foods. Although most people consider their hobs and burners to be their primary cooking appliances. The greatest convection microwave ovens have multiple uses, including grilling, baking, toasting, softening, heating, and steaming. Due to the versatility of microwave ovens, you may complete all of these tasks without employing any other kitchen equipment.

  • Reheating meals:

    The microwave oven is most frequently used for heating leftover food. Heating food in a microwave oven is very economical, keeps important nutrients intact, and keeps food from getting soggy. Ovens are a great tool for rewarming almost any kind of food.

  • Kitchen appliances disinfection:

    You most likely are unaware of this, but microwave ovens may assist in cleaning kitchenware like sponges and plastic chopping boards. You only need to microwave your sponge and cutleries for a minute after soaking them in citrus juice. Your kitchenware will be cleaned and deodorized at the same time.

  • Garlic roasting:

    If you enjoy eating, you undoubtedly enjoy using roasted garlic in various meals. Although roasting a garlic bud takes roughly one hour, using a microwave takes 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Grilling:

    A grill setting for the best oven for baking cooks the exterior of meals by encircling it with radiant heat, preventing the chewy appearance that occasionally results from microwave-cooked meat.

  • Convection presetting:

    A microwave oven with such a function can produce crispy baked items and brown food similar to a broiler. It is intended to circulate warmth around meals for even speedier cooking.


The best microwave oven is a flexible kitchen appliance with several uses. Microwaves can be used to warm and prepare food, clean kitchenware, liquefy tropical fruits, warm up skincare items, roast garlic, and condense honey. With its advancement, microwave ovens have significantly streamlined people’s cooking and culinary endeavors.

Here are some of our Top picks for the Best microwave oven (2022 Models). We have listed keeping in mind the best brands, features, capacity, and budget. Have a look:

1. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

best microwave oven

2. LG 28 L Charcoal Convection All In One Microwave Oven 

best microwave oven India

3. IFB 20 Litre Solo Microwave Oven

top microwave oven

4. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven 

top microwave oven brand

5. Philips HD6976/00 36-liter Digital Oven

trendy microwave oven 2023

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