A home security camera records video of your house and its surroundings. Which you can see from anywhere via an internet connection on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Most home security cameras are motion-activated. This means, that when they notice a motion, they will start recording and informing you. A good home security camera must offer night vision, motion-activated recording, smartphone alerts, and high-quality resolution.

TOP 5 Security Cameras For Home

1.Mi Full HD WiFi 1080p 360°

The Mi home security camera offers 1080p full HD video surveillance in all directions. The camera rotates entirely and has a twin motor-head design. Deep learning AI technology tells you on your phone if an alarm is necessary.

With this camera, you can view a full-color spectrum, even in low light and at night, thanks to brand-new, true color technology. You can place it upright or upside-down and use your smart devices to watch the recorded videos. Therefore, this is an excellent option if you’re seeking the best and most economical CCTV camera for a home with mobile connectivity.

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top security cameras for home

2. Realme 360 Deg 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera

The realme smart security camera is an excellent choice for an economical purchase. It comes along with the best features in line. This camera has two motors for free rotation in all directions, and the edge distortion correction is also sorted with the camera. It has a high-quality 940 nm infrared illuminator to improve the picture’s naturalness. Without releasing any visible light, the camera provides a clear image at night to prevent waking you up and alerting intruders. In actuality, the camera has three separate ways to identify anomalies: voice, motion, and the human body. It will document the disruption and notify you on your phone using the realme Link App.

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Realme CCTV Camera Review


3. TP-Link Wireless Indoor Security 360° 2MP 1080P

The TP-Link Wireless security camera is a good choice because of its easy-to-setup process system. It generates a 1080p, razor-sharp image and has a two-way audio option. So you can communicate with your family while you are away. Additionally, the camera has motion detection technology that will notify you just in time before anything goes wrong. With this camera, you can receive a sophisticated night view of up to 30 feet and a 360° horizontal and 114° vertical field of view.

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TP-Link Wireless Indoor Security 360° 2MP 1080P


4. Qubo 360° Smart Wi-fi Indoor/Outdoor PTZ CCTV

Qubo Smart Home Security WiFi Camera comes, and an intrusion alarm system is included. The camera features sophisticated AI that can identify criminals, robbers, etc. With an ultra-wide lens of 110 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally, it offers 1080p crystal clear image quality.

Its infrared night vision capability can capture explicit films even in complete darkness. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that you can use with Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can hear and respond to conversations even when you are not there.

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QUBO Smart Cam 360 CCTV Review

5.TechEase360° Smart Home Office WiFi Camera Outdoor PTZ CCTV

The TechEase 360° Smart Home Office have built-in WiFi and is reasonably priced. It also has a 3 MP optical lens sensor, which records high-definition videos. It is the finest CCTV for homes and offices with 360-degree mobility, intelligent features like zoom, coverage up to 10 meters, and colorful nighttime recording. Additionally, this CCTV camera has advanced functions like AI tracking and motion detection, making it easy to follow human faces without any issues. You may also create a cloud account where all the videos can be easily stored as a backup.

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360° Smart Home Office Review


After carefully examining all the features and keeping your budget in mind, pick a security camera for your home. An effective home security camera must be simple to install and practical at night. Look at every feature before making a decision.

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