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If you’re like most people, your phone and/or tablet keep you connected to social media and the news while you’re on the go. And if you’re like most people, your battery doesn’t last very long, leaving you scrambling to find an outlet or at least somewhere with a WiFi connection to keep the updates flowing in. If this sounds like you, I have the perfect solution – wireless car chargers! Here are my top 5 favorite wireless car chargers.

A practical feature that makes it simple to charge your phone in your car is wireless charging and a charger mobile holder. With wireless charging, you can instantly start charging your phone without carrying a cord by simply placing it on the charging pad. There is no need to fuss with plugging in cords, and there are no connections to clutter up your automobile’s interior.


You can find the best wireless car charger in the market as they are trending everywhere and have high demand. The latest phones come with an in-building induction, and the latest cars come with an inbuilt charger mobile holder.

How does a wireless charger work?

The wireless charger works, provided both the wireless pad and the phone have induction coils. They are essentially iron wrapped in copper wire for your phone to charge wirelessly in your car. The proximity of the coils creates an electromagnetic field that enables electricity to be transferred from one coil to another when the coils are near one another. Your phone’s induction coil then transmits the conducted electricity to the battery.

 Top 5 wireless car charger

 You won’t need to bring a cord with you to charge your phone in your car if it has the best wireless car charger and your phone supports wireless charging.

1.ZealSound Fast WirelessCharge Slim Pad Station Dock

Most Qi vehicle chargers are docks, but this one is for you if you rarely need to mount your phone for directions or want to store your charging in the center console. You can place your phone on the recessed pad, which prevents the device from slipping, and you’re ready to go.

best fast Wireless Charge

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2. ETEPEHI Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Any Qi-enabled device will be instantly charged if you attach this magnetic circle. The 15W ETEPEHI wireless car charger eliminates the bulky components of typical dash mounts and clamps. If you prefer to rest your phone on something, you can attach it to a vent in your vehicle.

top Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

3.iOttie Wireless Car Charger Auto Sense

The most reliable car mounts that work with Qi charging for Samsung and Apple phones are made by iOttie. The Auto Sense clamps from iOttie do the job by automatically locating your phone and closing it. They typically do as well.

top 5 Car Charger Auto Sense

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4. MANKIW 10W Qi Wireless Charger Mount

This mount detects your phone, unlocks its clamps, and automatically grabs it. You may then take it off using a quick-release button. If you want to keep your vent open, it only generates 10W, but it may be put on your dashboard. The MANKIW Qi wireless charger also supports 7.5W quick charging and QC 3.0.

MANKIW 10W Qi Wireless Charger Mount

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5. Joyroom Wireless Car Charger

When mounted on this wireless car charger, upgraded hooks and a mechanical clamping design should make your phone stand out. It helps that you also receive 15W of charging power.And thicker cases ought to still fit well when the handles clamp shut.

Joyroom Wireless Car Charger

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With 110+ automobiles already having Qi as either standard equipment or a factory option, the automotive industry is pushing wireless charging into the mainstream. iPhones older than the iPhone 8 don’t have built-in wireless charging functionality and must first use a Qi-compatible device. However, the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and later Windows and Android phones can also easily use with in-car wireless chargers.





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