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Welcome health enthusiasts. In this guide, we are picking the top 5 options in this category, so that it’s easy to choose the best treadmill for home use for you.


 After the pandemic, many of us became wide awake about health. And to maintain good health exercise plays a vital role. Many medical professionals and health experts suggest daily walking or jogging exercise for fitness. As it is one of the easy exercises that suits all wide age groups. But due to work schedules or space issues, it becomes tedious to maintain a regular walking or jogging routine. So, the treadmill is a good and flexible solution to address the above issues. Above all, the treadmill also helps to track and control your workout.


Here is a list of the best treadmills for home use in India

1. Durafit Panther | 5.5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill 

It contains 18 levels of auto inclination and a speed range of 1 to 18 km/hr. It comes along with  LCD computerized screen to organize and record your fitness measurements. In addition to this, it provides Target Mode to track and control Distance, Calories and Time recorded. The treadmill is 95% pre-installed and can be installed in 30 minutes. 

Review Durafit Panther treadmill

Features :

  • Hydraulic folding system 
  • Running Surface: 1335*460 mm
  • User Weight: max 130 Kg
  • Heart rate Sensor
  • Portable wheels
  • Auto Incline

Price:  ₹42,998.00


2. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Manual Incline Motorized Treadmill 

This is a Manual Incline Motorized Treadmill with a Max Speed of 12km/hr. It has 12 pre-set workout programs to set variable exercise modes for weight loss training. It is designed with a Powerful Motor & Shockproof Design. Also for easy mobility, it provides 90 Degree of Foldable Design.

Review Lifelong FitPro LLTM09

Features :

  • Anti-slip lawn texture 
  • Running Surface: 1330 × 615 × 1025 mm
  • User Weight: max 100 Kg
  • Safety latch
  • USB, AUX connector 

Price:  ₹17,999.00

3.PowerMax Fitness TDM

The next model is PowerMax Fitness TDM. This is a 100% Pre-Installed machine. It provides Bluetooth Connection To Play Music, USB, AUX Input, And Hi-Fi Speaker. This model comes in both variations, auto incline (price:31,990) and manual incline (price: 24,000). Also provides a Speed range of: 1.0 – 14.0 km/hr.

Review PowerMax Fitness TDM

Features :

  • Item dimensions :159.7 x 74.3 x 126.6 Centimeters
  • User Weight: max 100Kg
  • Safety key
  • Heart rate Sensor
  • Hydraulic softdrop system

Price: ₹30,590.00

4. Sparnod Fitness STH-1200 (3 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill

The manufacturer claims this machine is perfect for cardiovascular exercise. It is equipped with a powerful 1.75 HP (Continuous) and 3 HP (Peak) efficient DC Motor. Also comes with a LED monitor that measures speed, distance, time & Calories that have been burned per session. Along with this, there are 12 Pre-Set programs P1-P12 to choose different workouts and manual mode settings. And offers a speed range of 1 to 12 km/hr. 

Sparnod Fitness STH-1200 ReviewsFeatures :

  • Surface: 44 inches x 16 inches
  • User Weight: max 100Kg
  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Anti-slip running belt

Price: ₹23,319


This treadmill comes with a 2.0 HP(4 HP Peak) DC quiet motor. And has a 3-Level manual incline for an intense workout. Also come with a 5” Blue LCD, Display reading for Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories. It has 12 pre-set programs for efficient workouts & H1-H3 Program. For installation Brand will contact and assist(at-home visit or live video) within 36 hrs from delivery. And for installation, the Brand provides DIY Installation steps with Video call assistance.

Reviews MAXPRO PTM405

Features :

  • Running Surface: 1150 X 420mm
  • User Weight: max 110Kg
  • Mobile & tablet holder
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • USB, Aux inputs

Price: ₹26,999

These are some of the top 5 of our treadmills picks. Hope this guide will help to choose the best treadmill buddy for you. You can also check our other guide from similar categories Best fitness tracker bands In India 2022.


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